Coming March 2!

INDIE SHOTS - Non 2.0 Compatibility - 12 count - ON SALE!

Buy 6 - Get 2 free!  SAVE $17.00            Buy 4 - Get 2 free!  SAVE $8.50

These Indie Shots are our original version that work in most single-serve brewers excluding the 2.0.  Don't worry ... they are FRESH!  We just went a little crazy at the roastery.  Working along ... having a good time ... and wham!  Dang!  We made a lot of these.  Can't have them sitting here.  We only send FRESH coffee to our customers.  So what else are we going to do?   Hmmm ... let's have a sale!

The following flavors available:

  • New Orleans' Creme Bruce
  • Jet Fuel
  • JackHammer
  • Laughing Donkey
  • Texas Donut House

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