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The ICC Story

The Art of Sourcing

While brewing great coffee starts with great water, roasting great coffee starts with the green bean.  Selection is the most important step in the roasting process's life cycle. 

Our roastmaster is not only in charge of roasting great world coffees, he has the sole responsibility of selecting each 'lot' that is purchased and shipped to our roastery.  Working with credible suppliers and importers of the best coffees takes a commitment to building long-standing relationships that benefit not only Independence, but those in all steps of the supply chain.  As we grow, so will our ability to increase our footprint into new supply origins, thus adding to our list of offerings to our customers. 

The Art of Roasting

We roasted 2,000 pounds of coffee in 2002.  We gave away 1,800 pounds to friends and others willing to take the chance with a very ‘green’ product and company.  We drank the rest. 

Today, we not only roast coffee for our friends, but for bed and breakfasts, restaurants, convenience stores, grocery markets and offices.  While our roastery's output has changed, the process is still the same.  Small batches, watchful eyes, alert nose and ears and a straight up ‘passion’ for the roast. 

Our head roaster once said, “roasting is 50% science, 50% art and 110% passion!"

The Art of Packaging

Our coffees are handled a lot during the roasting and packaging process.  Presorting for roasting, loading, pulling, dumping, carting, labeling each bag by hand (front and back!), pouring beans in the bag, sealing the bag, tin tying the bag, putting the bag on the shelf….you get the picture (this doesn’t include boxing, carrying, delivering, putting on the shelf and  'fluffing').

Lots of work, with a simple goal..."get those beans in the bag immediately after roasting and in the customer’s grinder!”

A passionate group of employees are critical to the packaging process.  We are greatful for each batch of coffee that we roast and for each Independence team member who makes that roast a success.

You can watch a little of our story here.