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Calm...for centuries teas and herbs have been synonymous with calm.  They have represented a state of Independence from the days's hectic pace.  Our coffee company's commitment to the highest quality standards continues with 'Tea is for Texas', our line of hand-blended and hand-packaged loose-leaf teas and herbals.  The art of blending the world's most sought after teas, herbals, fruits and spices has been re-born in the 'Birthplace of Texas'.

Our hope is that with every sip, you'll enjoy a well deserved moment of 'calm' while savoring your Independence!  

 The Art of Sourcing and Blending

While brewing great tea starts with great water, great tea starts with the selection of the finest available supplies.  Independence has partnered with suppliers and importers of the best 'world' teas and herbals that mirror our commitment to quality.  Building long-standing relationships that benefit not only Independence, but those in all steps of the supply chain is of utmost importance to us.  As we grow, so will our ability to increase our footprint into new supply origins, thus adding to our list of offerings to our customers.  We hand select the best and most sought after teas, fruits and herbs that will provide the best flavor characteristics and profiles.  Once blended and hand-packaged, our teas and herbals are placed in special areas of our the roastery away from light that can affect the taste of these blends over time.  We then ship straight to your door or your favorite restaurant,grocery market or gourmet market.

 Our New Flavored Iced Teas are here!   These filter packs can be brewed in your home or office coffee maker and make up to 1.5 gallons of fresh, flavorful iced tea.  Three great summer time flavors to choose from.  Just look under our Flavored Iced Tea tab to learn more!