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Nate's Legacy Blend

Independence Coffee Co.


Introducing "Nate's Legacy Blend" - A Coffee Crafted with Tradition and Heart

Nate's Legacy Blend is a coffee born from Nate's dedication to the art of coffee roasting, blending the wisdom of time-tested old-school techniques with his pursuit of coffee perfection. It's a coffee experience that combines two distinct profiles: a bright, lively acidity, and a comforting nutty finish.

Nate's Legacy Blend is meticulously roasted using traditional techniques that have been passed down through our founders for over twenty years.  This blend represents the rich history and craft of coffee roasting. It's a tribute to Nate's unwavering commitment to his craft, and each cup is a testament to the legacy of passion, hard work, and innovation that he brings to Independence Coffee Co.

Sip into the warmth of tradition and the vibrancy of new beginnings with Nate's Legacy Blend, a smooth, medium roast. It's more than just coffee; it's a journey through time and taste, ready to be savored by coffee enthusiasts everywhere. 

Nate is our Head Roaster. 
He created the blend and the artwork for the label.

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