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  • Fresh Roasted Coffees

    Signature blends, freshly roasted in Texas


    Get your favorite Independence Coffee in our single serving, INDIE SHOT packages.

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  • Specialty Teas

    Hand-packed iced teas and loose leaf teas, "Reborn in the birthplace of Texas."

  • "The best coffee I have ever had! I can't go without it!"

    Spencer G.

  • "I wanted to take time to write to you and let you know that the Indie Shot cup with the built in filter was amazing! The added bonus of being recyclable was nice as well. Y’all Rock!"

    Your caffeinated fan, Jenn Jarvis

  • "So that Jet Fuel ain't no joke. I just inadvertently slammed about 10 ounces of it and I can see sound. Taste was amazing and my new found super power as well."

    Joshua B.

  • "I had the Toasted Coconut. Excellent flavor! No acid aftertaste and no artificial taste! Loved it!"

    Rebecca K.

  • "Hey. Your [Madalyn's] Backyard Pecan coffee is the best coffee in the world. I love you."

    John T.

  • "Jet Fuel was my favorite...then I tried Jackhammer! Love it!! But hold on...I tried Laughing Donkey! Oh my coffee loving goodness!!! I get all three and my husband loves Madalyn's Backyard Pecan."

    Karen M.

  • "Amazing coffee! Jet Fuel is the best! I purchased all the way from Sacramento, California!!!"

    Alisha L.

  • "This is the best coffee on the planet! Even though I've moved to Colorado, I still love having my Texas brew shipped in bulk. Nothing compares!"

    Rachel P.