The Independence Roast

Roasting and delivering the freshest coffee possible is a 'balancing act'. Good thing we have great 'balance'!

We are not 'big coffee'!

Our roastery is very small by most standards. However, we see this as a true advantage.  Our size and hands-on approach to coffee and tea allows Independence to measure up to both beginning and seasoned coffee enthusiasts' increasingly demanding standards. While there are many steps that take place in the process of getting Independence Coffee into your cup, here are some that we view as crucial to our continued success.

Roast Consistency

Independence has only two roasters on staff   One is our original roaster.  The other has been trained by our original roaster in all facets of the roasting and blending process which makes our coffees 'OUR COFFEES'.  This allows us to blend and roast each batch of coffee the same way, every time.  When a customer finds a favorite roast, it will embody the same roast characteristics each time.

Profile Roasting

While others may roast in very large batches with not a lot of variance in timing requirements, the 'Independence Roast' uses time and temperature to help 'guide' each roast through several stages.  We feel that the increased time commitment is well worth producing a coffee that is 'deep' roasted and one that produces a cup that truly enhances one's coffee experience.


Our coffees are packaged within minutes of leaving our roaster. Many times our coffees are still 'warm' when we hand-package them. Our commitment to freshness and tight distribution standards has even allowed us to deliver our coffees to bed and breakfasts, gourmet markets and grocery markets the same day they are roasted. "In fact, if you can find a fresher coffee, pick a bag up for us as well!"