Our History

On October 14th, 2003 we pulled our first batch of coffee from our 10# roaster in a small building on our homestead. I still have the original one pound bag of Colombian Supremo from that day. 

The first year we roasted and experimented with 2,000 pounds of coffee.  That year we were able to refine our basic skills and develop our 'Independent' style of deep-roasting which pays respect to old school roasting methods and traditions.

We joke about giving away 1,800 pounds of experimental coffees to family, friends and anyone who would try our coffees and we drank the rest. (It's actually the truth!)

Independence has been truly fortunate and blessed in the area of growth.  In 2015 we will roast over 300,000 pounds of high grown Arabica coffees from thirteen different producing countries and growing regions for our customers who range from individuals ordering from our website to large grocery markets such as H-E-B and Whole Foods Market.

We've had the opportunity to service international corporations such as ConocoPhillips who have trusted Independence with providing their customers and corporate gift clients with exceptional hand-roasted and blended products.  

You'll still see Christi and I 'hand-delivering' our coffees and teas to grocery markets, convenience stores, offices and other family-owned establishments.  It's just what we do.  If you see us stocking shelves, feel free to say hello! 

"Savor Your Independence and Grind True!"

Ragan Bond